Being poured into

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Day camp is tricky. Nobody likes going to day camp. Counselors are away from their friends. They don’t get to dance on dance night. They don’t get to enjoy hiking in God’s creation or go on an overnight. That put me in an awkward position as Day Camp Leader this summer.

I chose to look at Day Camp in a different light. The weeks at camp are grueling and exhausting. Counselors get one hour off a day and twenty-four hours off on the weekend. Counselors pour a lot into campers week in and week out. Towards the end of the summer, their cups are empty from giving so much of themselves.

Day Camp is an opportunity to recharge. Day camp runs from 9AM-3PM. The rest of the time is off for the counselors. That’s time to call family and friends, relax, have reliable wifi, and SLEEP. Most counselors napped every day during day camp.

The churches that host day camps pour a lot into the counselors that camp. The host families go above and beyond. I was well fed every week and even my sweet tooth was satisfied. I slept on real beds and had regular amenities. There is no fighting over showers either.

After five summers of pouring out for camp, it was a blessing to be poured back into this summer.

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