My Ten-Year Plan for a Remarkable Life Option Three

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Here’s my third edition from the goal setting. I know it may seem weird having three different visions, but I know many things will change over the next ten years. I believe a combination of the three plans will come to fruition. Enjoy.

August 31st, 2027

I wake up at 5 AM in the humidity of Lake Buena Vista, Florida. I wake my lovely wife up with a kiss and we have a five-minute meditation followed by a thirty-minute acro yoga session. We have a green Kale smoothie while we go over our morning devotionals.

At 6 AM, I work on my fifth book with my publishing partner Rodale. It’s a book about identifying pivot points in your life and how to act on them. I enjoy being paired up with Rodale and their world class editors that challenge me to write better.

At 7 AM I write a blog post and post a VR video.

At 7:20, my wife and I go wake up our daughter Natalie. She is five years old. She is starting her first day of kindergarten.

I go get ready for my day at Disney. I wear a navy blue dress shirt with a Texas tie, black dress pants, and black Allen Edmonds. I’m also sporting a Disney approved beard.

My Tesla drives me into work where I am working in the marketing department. I am working on how to entice users to click on products that they see while they are in virtual reality.

For lunch, I have a rich colorful salad, reverse osmosis water, and almonds.

I clock out at five and meet my family at the Magic Kingdom. I’m now wearing my Vibrams, Nike shorts, and my Mufasa shirt. We ride the tea cups, Space Mountain, and Buzz. I get the high score of the day at Buzz.

We have dinner at Be Our Guest. I tried the gray stuff and it’s delicious.

We see the fireworks show and I remember my memories from my first college program and stacking every stroller in the Magic Kingdom.

We get home and tuck Natalie into bed. I begin reading the Harry Potter series with her. I read one chapter a night.

I turn into the bed and kiss my wife goodnight.

There’s a snake in my boot!

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