Rise and Grind

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I started waking up early in high school. While classmates would be sleeping off the game or Friday Night Lights, I would wake up to go run 10-20 miles with people my parent’s age.

At Grand View, I was the student who would get a good night rest instead of cramming late at night or go to “Thirsty Thursday”.

A year ago, I began posting on my Instagram stories when I would wake up. It would be pitch black with the time and the words “Rise and Grind”. I wanted to document the process I was doing and it also kept me accountable (always for the Instagram).

The other day I got this message:

Nattteeeeeeee! You’ll be so happy/proud to hear this haha

After 2years of being extremely lazy, watching TV and waking up late and not working out, I’m back on track

80% of it because of your “rise and grind” posts which get me reminiscing of the time when I used to get up at early and start working out 5am. So it finally hit home and snapped me out of this haze where I was doing exactly everything that I thought “losers” do. Thankkkkkkyouuuuuuuu(keep em posts coming)

I’ve met this person once. This person lives half way around the world. I’m blown away the impact of a single Instagram story can make. It’s humbling to know that at least one person has been inspired to RISE AND GRIND.

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